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A Sensational Space For All Athletes To Feel Valued And Respected. A wealth of knowledge and support and their values are consistent with mine. The focus is always being on a healthy, positive and successful prep. Big thank you to Vosky Bodies – especially Zoe who is my rock during comp prep!

Emma P

My Son Can Now Get His Arms All The Way Around His Dad For The First Time. My hubby tried to lose weight for years and now his work pants are almost falling off! Just want to say a huge THANKYOU to Zoe and the team.

Lynne K

I Hated My Body, Hated How I Looked And Hated How I Felt. This was an incredible experience. I lost pounds and inches, but gained so, so much more and for that I will be forever grateful to you, Zoe. Thanks for having faith in me when I didn’t have it in myself.


I Am Stoked With My Progress On This Program! Fist Pump Feeling! I have tried so many diets and programs in the past – this one has finally given me what I need to create a lifestyle change I can use long term.

Michelle M.

I Was Looking For A Coach For A Few Months Before I Spoke To Zoe – I Immediately Felt A Connection With Her. I couldn’t be happier with how my first prep went and I have continued with Vosky Bodies into my second and third seasons with amazing results.

Kelli B.

Incredibly Happy - A confidence I never had before I’ve always considered myself as a ‘plain jane’ and not ‘model’ material and was a shy and doubtful person. But Zoe reassured me that we all look like ‘glamazons’ on the day and that I’d fit right in – and she was right. I placed 2nd in my very first competition and I felt the biggest sense of accomplishment. Zoe always said that just getting to that stage meant I had won!

Jade C.

Zoe has created a sensational space for all of her clients to feel valued and respected. I can’t speak highly enough!

Emma P

vosky bodies competition team

People we most enjoy working with…

Those ready to get results,
Are over all the hype and fad diets,
Prepared to work at it,
Ready to be accountable,
Know how to have fun,
Eager to get stuff done!

Are you ready? Is this you?

For the body you love – A Vosky body!

Online and Face to Face Coaching
Individualized CUSTOM programs
Nutrition screening
Support –support- support
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We offer...

Body transformation
Fat loss / weight management
Custom Nutrition Programs / Custom Eating Plans
Custom Training Programs
Competing and stage (bodybuilding, figure, fitness, bikini, model categories)

We work with males and females.


Coach, motivator, entrepreneur, biz owner, public speaker, go-getter, big-hearted fitness fanatic and Pro Athlete!

zoe-claire yaworsky ifbb pro figure australia coach bodybuildingZoe-Claire brought this team of kick-ass professionals together to bring you a no-bull, holistic approach to health, nutrition, fat loss and competing.

She loves inspiring and motivating people and believes there is nothing better than standing with someone as they kick goals.

Zoe-Claire is based in Queensland but regularly travels all over Australia.

She can’t wait to work with you!


We offer you...

a customised solution to help you to achieve your goal - whether that be fat loss, weight maintenance, muscle gain or preparing for a competition.

Be part of something extraordinary…

Now’s Your Chance To Join The Vosky Team

vosky bodies australia coach competition team fitness bodybuilding

Want To Get Stage Ready?

You’ve been thinking about it – jumping on stage in a competition…

Giving yourself a goal to aim for is so motivating.

And it needs to be done properly – not in a flog-yourself-silly-eat-broccoli-only kind of way!

Our competition preparation programs are customized to each new team member – because everyone is different – right! Different bodies, different lifestyles, different food likes and dislikes. No cookie cutter dieting stuff here.

With a personalized program and regular check- ins, we support and guide you all the way –

No guesswork, no confusion – just focus on a healthy, fun, informative approach to get you looking and feeling your best ever!

Our intake is capped to keep numbers down so we can give you the attention you need.

Our screening process is tough and we will give you honest, realistic feedback if we think you need more of a run up to competition prep (and work with you to get there).

Schedule time to chat with Zoe-Claire at the studio or on the phone.

Get in touch today to get screened… reserve your spot on the Team… and start working towards your ultimate goal!

Any questions – fire away… there are no silly questions!

Zoe-Claire Yaworsky | Coach + IFBB Pro